About us

Our Vision

Gambia, a country of a still smiling population, Gambia, a country full of vitality. Gambia, a country with lots of people having wishes and dreams. Dreams of a life, where people no longer have to fight against famine, where people have the chance to receive a good education and where people are guaranteed effective medical care in case of health problems.

Touching face-to-face encounters, meaningful destinies and hard life stories give distinction to the country and its inhabitants. The difficult living conditions, which many people in Gambia have to endure, are rather thought-provoking and incited us to found the non-profit organisation SMILE TOGTHER e.V. Together we would love to change the local circumstances for the better with the aim of realizing some of the people’s wishes and dreams.


Our organisation SMILE TOGETHER e.V. consists of members from Germany, Switzerland and Gambia. Together we are supposed to do selective development cooperation in the field of health care, education and income maintenance in Gambia. Our members as well as some volunteers follow the vision of improving the people’s quality of life in the country’s interior. The steady exchange of information among all people involved is of great importance, in order to reach the aims as defined by all participants. One of our basic principles is to include the local population in our actions, in order to strive for a sustainable future together.