Wilfried Kleis (treasurer): I’m Wilfried Kleis and since 2011 I`m retired. Until my retirement my professional life was characterized by the working together with and responsibility for people. Social aspects were always important for my decisions. Furthermore I was involved with the planning and implementation of projects in the field of public transport. Here I was also able to exert my fondness of numbers and facts. That’s why I´m especially excited about using my knowledge and experience to work as treasurer for my daughter’s and her friend Katja`s non-profit organization.

Since I visited Gambia myself in 2003 and met many likeable and sociable people there, I am all the more willing to support SMILE TOGETHER from the beginning on.


Sarah Bolt (Secretary): My name is Sarah Bolt and I’m 28-years-old. I grew up in Felsberg and have now been living in Chur for two years. Some years ago I completed my training as a nursing care expert. Since then I´ve been working in the medical department of a hospital in Grisons.

Additionally, I´m a part-time student at the advanced technical college in St. Gallen. I´m really interested in politics, social issues and different cultures. That´s why I´d like to get involved with socially disadvantaged people and why I´m really looking forward to the challenge of working together with SMILE TOGETHER e.V.


Solomon Jatta: My name is Solomon Jatta and I’m from Sanjang in Gambia, where I grew up as a farmer. After my graduation I studied Electrical Engineering. Since June 2005 I´ve been working for Gamtel, one of the biggest national phone companies in the country’s interior.

I was enthusiastic about the foundation of SMILE TOGETHER at once since malnutrition and poor nutrition unfortunately are still widely spread in my country and neither education nor  adequate medical care are affordable for most of the people here. The first project will offer especially women the chance to have their own income and thus secure the family’s nutrition. This should be achieved through the selling of spare products.

I’m looking forward to working together with SMILE TOGETHER and I promise to take care of the successful and sustainable development of the projects here on-site.


Nichola Jatta: My name is Nichola Jatta, I’m 24-years old and I was born in Sanjang, Gambia. For 10 years I’ve been living in Serekunda, where I completed my training as policeman. This is also my current job. Since 2012  I´ve also been studying automobile technology.

I’m also highly motivated to support SMILE TOGETHER and therefore take the chance to improve  the quality of life in my country through income maintenance, better medical care and projects in the field of education. Especially in Gambia’s interior the prospects and possibilities of the population are highly restricted, so that I’m really looking forward to supporting these projects on-site.


Claudia Kleis: My name is Claudia Kleis. I live in Gruiten and I have two grown up children, Janina and André. I work in a pharmacy in Wuppertal as a pharmacy technician. Several trips to Africa, e.g. Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya and Gambia made us appreciate this fascinating continent and its friendly population. In contrast to this the living conditions of the people especially in Gambia deeply moved us. For this reason I am glad to be able to support our common project work.


Fritz Bolt: My name is Fritz Bolt and I was born in 1949. Since more than 25 years I´ve been living in Felsberg with my wife Heidi and my two daughters Sarah and Katja. After my studies to become a mechanical engineer I was able to gain further work experience in different Swiss companies. Afterwards I worked as managing engineer in a construction equipment company in South Africa for two and a half years. This experience inspired me to go to Africa once again, in order to work as maintenance manager in Nigeria for another four years. Having returned to Switzerland I worked for a metal construction company for nine years.

Since 20 years I’ve now been the owner of a company for polyurethane processing. I’m interested a lot in politics and world affairs and in my free-time I enjoy nature and hiking in the mountains.

Africa I still remember from work and different journeys. For this reason I´m excited about working together with the members and volunteers of SMILE TOGETHER and getting involved with the projects.